Let’s talk about swimming. I love it!

I love it so much I went out and became a qualified swim instructor and a USA Swimming Certified Coach.

In 2015 I ventured outside the confines of the pool and discovered open water swimming. It is thrilling and rewarding— from the start, your heart pounding treading water with 200+ other swimmers then the horn blows and bam you launch forward into the “pit” hoping no one knocks off your goggles with their feet and 400 meters later you find yourself in a serene groove that you’ve been training for with the sun on your back, sighting buoys and landmarks to the finish line. My favorite event is the 5K but I always love being the swimmer in triathlon relays with friends. 

So, what do you do when you love something so much? You share it!

My palmares include international open water racing and coaching for NYC Hydras & Waves Aquatics Napa Valley. Currently I am the swim trainer at Health Spa Napa Valley. Being passionate about swimming and its possibilities, I’ll provide you with training services to help refine and maintain proper swimming technique to accomplish your aquatic goals. I like to have fun too while coaching strong fundamentals. 

Need lessons? Are you in the Napa, Sonoma, or the Bay Area? 

My rate is $50 for 30 minute session or $100 for an hour. 


Naturally, with a love for swimming, the natural progression is to go deeper. In 2009 my scuba career began. By 2010 I was a PADI Certified Open Water Diver & Dry Suit Diver. Over the years I’ve accumulated over 30 dives from Bonaire, Grand Cayman and rock quarries on the East Coast. 

I instructed clients on the scuba certification process, fitted clients with proper gear, and steered clients to appropriate courses to suit their needs and schedule.I maintained the shop as well as the large fleet of rental gear. I am currently working towards my divemaster certification.